3-D Vehicle Measurement System

Measuring High & Heavy as well as ascertaining length of cars and trucks is often done manually, this can give disputes between carrier and client as to the exact dimensions of cargo.

We have recognized this problem and have solved this with a fully automatic measuring system operating in real time. This means that the vehicle drives through without stopping, thus avoiding stagnation in the terminal.

The graphic representation indicates the principle of operation. The system consists of two groups of sensors and allows measuring the vehicle length at 5cm accurate *. Triggering the measurement is carried out with sensors **.

The system is measuring width and height as well with an accuracy up to 1 cms.

* Measurement options length to 1cm accuracy

** Depending on the type of vehicle and the cargo which can affect the accuracy of   measurements

System and sensors are designed and adapted for operating over a temperature range of -20°C/ 50°C, and fully protected against atmospheric conditions (IP66).

The system can also be integrated into a total volume (LxBxH) system, as well as including RFID and/or weighing bridge, if so required.  The system is powered by DC voltage allowing a flexible choice of power options, such as solar power.

Besides outright purchase we have the another option:

No investment required as we can offer this on an operational lease base.

 The lease price depends on the extend of the system, from basic to complete.