AMA SLP Features. The SLP has many special features which can be activate or deactivated. Tailoring to each customers needs.

  • Flat bottom for easy flow, Combined with a weight of 4.5KG gives staying power
    when working live pipes.
  • Super tough design, all aluminum IP67 housing, suspension mounted mechanics.
  • High visibility angled display, readable over a distance of 5M.
  • Fully compensated grade gives vertical alignment when rolled in the X-axis.
  • Quick dial grades, for fast setup.
  • 2 button commands, for azimuth cantering and grade zeroing.
  • Programmable security code, can help with lower plant insurance bills.
  • Programmable service intervals, preventing unforeseen breakdowns.
  • Programmable tilt function, increasing peace of mind for above ground setup´s.
  • Special extreme environment battery pack, specified for -20° to +70° C. Giving a
    run time of over 150 Hrs under normal conditions.

The aluminium remote control, giving 8 functions over a distance of 100M.
Gas purged with dry nitrogen. Completely waterproof

Remote control alignment. The remote control alignment function allows you to direct the laser onto a know point above the trench,
without later having to use the grade-setting control once more in the manhole.

1. Set the desired grade on the laser.
2. Direct the laser beam with the remote control onto
the know direction point above the trench.
3. Press the Standby button on the remote to return
the laser beam to the original grade setting – Because the laser is
automatically plumb the pipe laser is now on line.

Rental Standard accessories Inbuilt Rechargeable NiMH battery pack gives 150Hrs of use.
One of the biggest

causes for pipe laser breakdowns is poor contact with external batteries.
Designed and built in Sweden specifically for rental companies.

Not only is the SLP built to a unique rental standard, so are all the
vital accessories.

Technical Specification 

Accuracy: “+/-” 5mm/100M
Grade range: “-10%” to “+40%”
Selfleveling range: Pipe axis 20%, X-axis 3°
Light source: Laser Diode: 635nm red
Laser Class: 3R/3a <5mW
Water/Dust proof: IP67(Dry nitrogen purged)
Battery: 8000 mAh NiMH / 150Hrs +
Operating Temp.: “-20°C to +50°C”
Size: L. 295mm, Dia. 142mm, W: 4.5KG (10.lbs.)
Construction: Cast Aluminium

SLP Remote Control

Machined Aluminium
IP67 Gas nitrogen purged
8 function.
Range: Over 100M